About Saltwater Bodega

david khella founder of saltwater bodega


My name is David Khella, founder of Saltwater Bodega and my objective is simple: share my eco-friendly journey and findings from across the internet. Whether it’s interesting and effective products you can buy now to help cut down waste and plastic use or insightful summaries of environmental articles from credible sources.

I chose the name Saltwater Bodega in 2023 because I wanted to foster a likeness of a neighborhood corner store in a boundless digital space offering an assortment of options that have the potential to protect our oceans from global warming. And just like many of you, I enjoy the beach lifestyle and the wonders of the ocean so this project serves as my contribution to society by raising awareness and influencing positive change.

I'm located in Southern California and source my products from thoroughly vetted small business suppliers with a goal for a greener future. Check out the eco-friendly product checklist here of what factors I consider before posting a product in the shop.

I welcome you to shop and engage at SaltwaterBodega.com and join a community of likeminded folks!


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